May 22, 2020
Shuffle Alarm – An Enjoyable Alarm Clock

The Story

Who likes their alarm clock? I never did, even when I would use an app that let me assign a song as the alarm tone. All that accomplished was ruining a song I liked.

The App

The solution is an alarm clock app that plays a playlist of your choice in random order, AKA shuffle. The result is like a radio station tailor-made for coaxing you into reality.

Choose good wake-up songs and load them into the app. This is done by simply copying song files into the app’s directory on the device. The more the better, but you don’t need too many to get started.

You can skip to the next song. You can see the name of the song, or check later to see what songs were played recently. You can trash a song if you decide it’s not a good wake-up song.

The result is actually really nice. By curating your own selection of wake-up tunes, refining it over time, accumulating more and more, and getting the knack for recognizing which songs would be good to add, you end up with a really nice way to wake up in the morning. Sometimes I leave it playing as I am making coffee and eating breakfast because it’s great.


Here’s a demo video that goes over how it works.


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