March 13, 2021
Tagged Notes – Simple but Useful

Tagged Notes is an Android app for notes. The idea is: you put tags on notes, and, that way, a note can be associated with different things.

The Story

I get ideas I like to jot down. Years ago, I kept a small notebook in my back pocket. The notebook would get filled with thoughts, and many would fit in multiple categories.

Keeping notes in lists is nice. I have a different app for that, it’s called Note Lists. You create lists, and put notes in the lists.

But, sometimes, you want one note to be in multiple lists. That’s where Tagged Notes comes in. Organizing by tag, one note can be in multiple lists. The tag is the list.

What it’s useful for

Note Lists is good for mundane things like gift ideas, books to get, and shows to check out. Tagged Notes is for more creative or philosophical ideas. It pulls ideas together, draws connections between various items, and brings common themes to light.

Adding tags to notes and looking at the lists of notes for different tags serves as a kind of mental exercise. It is also a powerful tool for organizing ideas.

Association is an element of the mind. By going through ideas and creating associations between them, you become more collected, gain clarity and discover insight.

Tagged Notes is a simple app, focused on the idea of organizing thoughts. It’s immediately intuitive and offers quick use. The import/export feature adds flexibility and utility.

People interested in recording ideas and organizing them may find this to be a helpful tool.


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